(Prague) There is an airplane that is going to fly from Prague on Wednesday, and it will be carrying well known faces. Czech national futnet team selected a few players, that are going for a long journey to Korea. The main mission is simple – two Jokgu tournaments and promotion of futnet in Korea.

Mr. Ki Hong, who is acknowledged and known person in Czech republic, became the head of Jogku in Korea, we were hoping for renewing of cooperation between jokgu and futnet, which was not that active in early past. The first step is the invitation for Czech national team and heads of the world futnet association UNIF – Kamil Kleník and Sorin Bogdan.

"We want to get back to our projects. We already have new ones in our heads,“ saying MARTIN FLEKAČ (comission member of czech futnet association) who is the head of this journey. It is the team of Čelákovice city, who has done the most job of building good relationship with Korean team in last 10 years. "This time we got an easy task from mr. Ki Hong – he would like to see some new faces from Europe. During this mission, we are going to practice jokgu and participate in tournaments, but we are also going to promote futnet and jokgu at every place where we will be. Eversince it is the selection of Czech national team, we were cooperating on the selection with Martin Spilka (chief comissioner of the national team and foreign relations), based on the experience that we got during many visits to South Korea,“ says Martin Flekač, who also explains that there was a change of rules in the top category tournaments. Currently you can let the ball touch the ground two times – that should be good for our players.

2021 koreapred 03Let’s present our young and dynamic players. On the plane to Incheon will be three players of team Čakovice – Jakub Chadim, Tomáš Chadim, Zdeněk Kalous, and one player of team Vsetín – Dan Bílý. They will be coached by Martin Spilka. Mr. Ki Hong also personally invited Radek Šafr. Players will be paying half of the price of the flight ticket. The second half is paid by our czech futnet association. Martin Spilka, Martin Flekač and Radek Šafr are paying everything by themselves. In total, it makes 32 284 CZK (1 707 161,57 WON) for czech association. Korean side is taking care of all things related to stay in Korea.         

We are not expecting a holiday in Korea, the schedule is very busy. More than 17 000 km of flights, 2500km on road or on a ship, 2 jokgu tournaments – first one is on 21.11.2021 Jeju island, second one is going to be on 28.11.2021 Yeongwol. Yengwol’s tournament will be also broadcasted by regional TV. More than 25 hours of practice and many more job to be done. "We have to consider two things before every event like this, says the head of this journey. First thing – how big the expenses will be for our association, and what will it bring. We want to cooperate closely with Korea. Not only because of good relations with city of Čelákovice, but because Korea has the biggest number of people interested in jokgu – sport that is very similiar to our futnet. We, as a team, want to participate in jokgu world championship, that is going to be in Korea next year. It is another way how to promote futnet in the world. There are thoughts about year 2026, but we have to say, that mr. Ki Hong is in the function shortly, and we can not ask him to focus on fut net. As mr. Ki Hong says – step by step,” says Flekač.

As we said in the beginning of this article, heads of UNIF are also going to join this trip. We scheduled a meeting between them and jokgu association members, that will also include plan of foundating futnet association in Korea. As president UNIF mr. KAMIL KLENÍK says: "We are very than grateful for the work that mr. Ki Hong is doing for us. Thanks to being selected to his function he is stronger now and it will definitely help our cooperation.“, who will be on this trip with member of executive board and vicepresident for media Sorin Bogdan from Romania . Mr. Kleník also says: ",I think that we can expect negotiations about support of Jokgu on international level UNIF and about Korean national team participating in futnet world championship tournament, that will be in Prague next year. Last but not least, we will be also discussing cooperation with czech association. During all of thiese meetings I will gladly invite and use the help of mr. Spilka and mr. Flekač, who were in the beginning of the cooparation with mr. Ki Hong and who are working in the comission for international relations and national team.“

2021 koreapred 04You could ask how do you plan such a trip in the times of global pandemic. The answer is simple – it is hard. "It is not easy at all. It is possible to visit Korea, but everything is under strčit control. First, you have to apply for exception to Korean ministry. Without that, we would have to be in isolation for 14 days. But the problem is, that this document exist only in Korean language, so we needed a help with translation. You also have to show your passport, your schedule of stays, resrvation of flightss, vaccination and many more things. After we filled all documents, we applied to the Korean embassy in Czech republic, that confirmed our exception. Then you have to get visa, and PCR test the must not be older than 72 hours. After coming to Korea, you have to get another PCR test the day you come, and then another one after six days of stay. Luckily, we made it all, but it was a lot of communication with Korean side, beginning in the end of September,“ says Martin Flekač.

Host of this event is looking forward to this event. "Both sports are very similiar and Czechs are the absolute top of the world in futnet. I invited them for two tournaments and I hope that they will go back to Czech republic with great experience, lots of memories and many many new friends. I hope, that it is the new opportunity to strenghten our relations between jokgu and futnet,“ says mr. KI HONG.

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