Dear nohejbal friends, here below you have a possibility to read Laws of Futnet, i.e. rules of international nohejbal! You can think about advantages and also disadvantages of this variant of our favorite game and compare differences between UNIF and Czech rules.

Please realize that every new UNIF country, which wants to start playing international nohejbal, will learn these rules and will train and play under this rules.  It means it is advisable to understand aim of the Laws and take some their advantages into account in Czech rules. On the other hand the Laws are not dogma and every their disadvantage or mistake should be scarified and corrected according Czech rules.

Please read also Appendix 1 to these Laws, because it explains unclearness which could occur during the play. It is a supporting document to the Laws and it is a necessary tool for futnet very beginners to fully understand the game.

UNIF Technical committee plans to write another Appendix 2 to describe activities and behavior of all participants of futnet play (players, coaches, referees, organizers). And this document will surely use know-how of Czech nohejbal rules, playing and disciplinary code.

This way nine-year-old futnet helps traditional nohejbal and almost hundred-year-old nohejbal helps new-born futnet. Let us hope that this mutual enrichment and friendly cooperation will bring futnet=nohejbal to higher level occasions than mostly “European “ World Championships!

For learning futnet rules click Laws of Futnet

For  better understanding click Appendix 1

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