(Prague) There is an airplane that is going to fly from Prague on Wednesday, and it will be carrying well known faces. Czech national futnet team selected a few players, that are going for a long journey to Korea. The main mission is simple – two Jokgu tournaments and promotion of futnet in Korea.

(Čelákovice) Last season will be written in Čelákovice’s chronicle in brozne print. Constantly high sports form without any big mistakes brought local Spartak Čelákovice a participation in semi-final battles and after that even a win of the third place and bronze medal in Czech extraligue. But there is still one thing everyone will remember even more… Čelákovice managed to bring excellent players from South Korea to the Czech courts and made them a part of Spartak’s team! Start of Koreans players in the Czech highest league and also 2nd (second) Czech league catched up a lot of attention, much more bigger than is usual in Czech‘s Futnet leagues and it was all watched by a very high number of fans and also media.

(Karlovy Vary) Which great club has not experienced the same like Liapor Karlovy Vary? Futnet event perfectly prepared, favoring standing (minimum in public meaning), almost all the tournament growing in presumption … Simply expected success! However the futnet ball is round and do not sell crop before harvest. So the Club World Cup did not stay home in Carlsbad but it was grabbed by Romanian raiders. And to be honest – truly!

(Čelákovice) Unique, exotic and attractive. These are the attributes, that the three weeks long participation of South Korean jokgu players in Czech futnet leagues deseves. During their visit, that took place in the end of April and beginning of May they played six extraleague matches and six matches in second league. They weren’t only an attracive show fot the fans, but they aleso showed their good futnet quality.